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MetalheadFurry 2 releases for the price of one? Holy crap you guys are great! I really like the instrumentation here and how all three vocalists sound great. Thank you so much :3 Favorite track: The Velvet Ribbon.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Putain ! Mes aïeux ! Après 25 ans de metal, je ne pensais pas que je pourrais encore me prendre une claque comme ça ! Oubliez Obscura, oubliez aussi The faceless ou necrophagist, etc. tout cela est dépassé, désuet...Journal a déplacé les limites du death techniques vers des horizons où le regard ne sait où se poser ! Ahurissant ! Favorite track: Unlorja.
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acidbath32 Some of the craziest and technical mathcore I have ever heard. Luminous and Mystical, while at the same time perplexingly complex, these two polarities converge to meet at excellence. As in the definition the Terminator gave, to excel above all the others.
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  • In this package, you receive the Concept Album, Unlorja in it's full glory. Experience a story of good and evil told by three amazing vocalists (Jesse Alford of Embrace the End, Drew Winter of Fate and Shadow of the Colossus, and Akoni Berman of the Human Equation). Also, once you purchase from us, you'll automatically be able to download the album, as well as the instrumental version, in whatever audio format you like.

    The Regular version comes in a high quality jewel case with beautiful hand-painted artwork as well as the lyrics and liner notes.

    So for just 10 dollars, you get a great piece of music, as well as the knowledge that you're directly supporting the artists that are bringing this to you! Thanks so much for your love, and hopefully we'll see you out at a show!
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Journal's Concept Album, Unlorja, containing 12 tracks totaling 80 minutes of material!

1 Labyrinth of Betrayal
2 Tragic Aura
3 Velvet Ribbon
4 Viela
5 Conducting With Passion From the Grave
6 Village of the Elders
7 Blight Reflections
8 Unlorja
9 Illuminance
10 Festooned With Snakes
11 A Remarkable Abomination
12 Affinity


released June 12, 2010

Joseph Van Houten - Guitar
Justin Tvetan - Drums
Tony Juvinal - Guitar
Danny Paul - Bass
Jesse Alford - Vocals
Drew Winter - Vocals
Akoni Berman - Vocals



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Journal Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Labyrinth Of Betrayal
Why would you betray us? Why do you detest us? Condemn us for the balance of Viela. I can smell the smoke of their torches. You stand 100 strong, but you are helpless before me. Unite against me. Unite, for I am only one. Now I can smell their fear, but I cannot show them mercy. Think of Cyrah, as you suffer. My wrath is just. Think of Cyrah. They cower before him. His justice is madness. Slumber forever. Farewell. Lay to rest in the grove. Brother, do you wish to reverse her death? The labyrinth contains this power. Be forewarned. None have returned from untold dangers that lie within. It will be done. Into the night we ride. These walls haunt me. My fears revealed. Torture. Despair. The bodies of those who failed remain. I wonder. I wander. My mind deceives me. Lost in the Void, I search. I wander. Foul evil blocks the way, bathed in fire. Undead. It waits for me - My test of Valor. There’s no turning back, the ribbon in sight. ’Til death do we fight. Cyrah is waiting. I’ve seen my demise. And we dual into the night. Death Breathes. Life grieves. My love bleeds. Awaiting my judgment, the beast is fallen – battered, ruined, broken. The ground trembles – Quakes beneath him. Who dares take this ancient relic? Do you desire death? My brother has sent me to retrieve it. Tis’ our last hope to restore her. With the ribbon in hand, the fiend reveals the lie. Mortality awaits you. You’ve been sent here to die. What have you done? Abaddon, my brother - Deceiver. Now I perish for nothing.
Track Name: The Velvet Ribbon
My brother lies there. The ribbon glows, clutched in his dead hand. I cannot resist. Hatred has sent me to claim this. Dear William, I accept this gift that you offer. Flesh and blood – I am not. Born Again. Absolute Power. Pseudo God. Blasphemy. Blackened Skies. None will survive. No one shall survive. Now I will destroy you all. Now follow me to the end of all life. Destroyer. Divine being, we follow in your wake. Master, I will follow in your wake. We are the ones who replenish people’s sorrow. We are the lungs of the blackened air. They will bow before me. My era of destruction. My conquest of vengeance. The army assembles with strength and bravery, gathering great numbers to prevent the end of a world. Nations will perish by the hand of a God. Evil and Heartless. This can’t be undone. And I smite the onlookers and the ones who rebel against me. I am divinity. Threatened by famine. Lifeless and withered. They fight for life. I fight for death. The army approaches the one – the source of murder. Though death is glorious, their lives will be wasted. Lives will be shattered. Look to the sky. They looked to the sky and shuddered. As I build this temple of limitless power, great evils be drawn. Viela is helpless – Hopeless. I’ve awaited the day where I would reign over all - the highest. Great evils be drawn. Viela is helpless. On that day, they gave him a name. The destroyer.
Track Name: Viela
Blind to his purpose. The truth is revealed. Viela calls upon thee. Deliver us from opposition that began 12000 years past. The dark Aeon, Jerith, who wields the ribbon, assembled a force the world had never seen. Determined but Viela is on broken knees. We must beckon the valiant. Unlorja brought his strength along to rescue the defeated. Faced with annihilation -a dismal fortune. There is but one chance to save us. He gives his life for the greater good. Unlorja’s sacrifice would save a world. Saved us from the grasp of Jerith. Brave soul. Freed us from the depths of sadness. Praise him for his selfless offering to life. Thus Viela birthed the labyrinth and sealed the relic away forever. His hate for humans has led him on a journey of false redemption - A search for innocence and bloodshed. He seeks the one who will acquire it. I’ve seen the ribbon in my dreams and the darkness where it sleeps. Should one venture to this place, a most horrid death will they face. William, your death was in vain. None could survive the evils of labyrinth. Betrayal. He murdered our own. Our sister. Our blood. Viela has chosen the one who will surpass Abaddon the destroyer. Cecil, lives depend on your valor. Begin your quest for knowledge. Seek the hidden power. It hides from the common passerby, protected. The beginning of a great journey. He accepts his noble calling to fight for Viela - to save us. I will confront the one who threatens us - my kin. He awaits my challenge. Our final resting place. He bears a great burden of delivering us from opposition. Alone in his plight, he walks the path of a guardian.
Track Name: Conducting With Passion From The Grave
I wander Viela without direction, searching. Let me show you strength eternal. I told you we share the same past. Resistance is futile. Depart, lest you be maimed. The vultures have captured the life that I was after. Erase the laughter that welcomes my demise. We will fight for the blood and tears of our fathers. He who holds the ribbon shall rule over all life as a God. Give praise to me my sons until the time has come. Be prepared. Forever changed. I have seen forsaken documents that have blood on them. We ride the wind. With our wings we sail. Only time will tell. I’ve reached the place where I knew you were and I know it hurts to forget. Enlighten me. It was hidden, veiled in horror. Their misery. T’was said that none would return, yet they searched. They searched for miles. They searched, but they can’t survive. They searched for miles. Treachery. You call us infidels. Rise against closed fist. She is the queen - The queen of adultery. Addicted to me. We feed off of each other like a disease. There’s no cure for suffering. The time has come to face all our demons. I knew you loathed the silence between us. She rose with a faint smile. I reconciled. I tried to protect you. My pain is no different but now I know what I’ve been missing. Mustering my last breath to say that I have nothing left. I’ve lost my way in a place full of pride and guilt. I have no soul - only a silhouette of the man I used to be. Disguised by my unconscious need for direction. The lies decide the truth behind your eyes. Divide the time I’ve left behind. Deny the lives I’ve left behind. Deny the time I’ve left behind. The shame is seen on my face, disgraced by the one who erased my life. My pain is no different but now I know what I’ve been missing.
Track Name: Blight Reflections
False visions, bound by mirrors, haunt my mind and soul. Run, Cyrah. Run. Peril. I journey further into this tainted realm. I watched, helpless, pained with regret. He steals, shameless, from our brother’s crushed body. Death awaits the infected souls of retribution. Blight reflections appear before me. They are the essence of tragedy. Blinding my reason – Mindless fixation. So inviting. This cavern is defended with archaic enchantment. Only the pure can survive the dangers inside. Reflections entertain vengeance in my heart. Devour our shortcomings. I’ve been let down. I’ve been washed away. My purity is in question. I may not survive this ordeal. Confusion blinds him. Forlorn, he walks. Depressive dark thoughts. Desertion. He ponders death. This cavern is defended with archaic enchantment. They laugh at her corpse. I can smell the smoke of their torches. And I cried into my bloodstained hands. I despise such cruelty. My fears vanquished, free of darkness in my heart. Rise. Worthy.
Track Name: Unlorja
Forget the past of darkness that held us captive. Replace the lasting nightmare with better dreams. Take this blade, my child. Fate has chosen you to be the end of this nightmare. You wield the essence of my spirit. I once cast out the darkness of a wayward soul. The traitor has fallen from his sinful throne. Take this blade that I offer. Destiny’s bane shall embrace you. Suppress the pain that you suffer. My final aid to prepare for tribulations. The bond that links them, controls them. They hunt for the keepers of the blade. Bloodshed of the innocent, but they would not speak the names of the guardians. As I listened to the sound of your voice my heart felt whole. Now I know my only way to return back /home. At the fall of Jerith, the world was at peace for centuries. Forget the past of darkness that held us captive. Replace the lasting nightmare with better dreams. Your mother and father were the last protectors. They cherished it. They hoped that one day they could pass it onto you. Vast evil sent them to vanquish our kindred spirits. Your lives be spared from impending destruction for another day, to prevent the extinction of us all. Irony threatens harmony. The destroyer carries the charm of a dark aeon. Your brother carries the charm. He has proven that he’ll make the right choice. His heart is pure. Now the chosen one must fight for our lives. Gather your strength. The final battle is nigh. Forget the promises of safe return. Do not fail, else this world in ruin.
Track Name: Festooned With Snakes
Praise valor. He enters black chamber - rotting shrine, littered with serpents. I falter, plagued columns. Engraved in stone: Blessed be the chosen idol. He wields the blade. Blessed be this sacred vessel to find his way. This place reminds me of betrayal. William’s final place of rest. Rest William. I have come tonight to obey my sacred calling. The dungeon crawls with unspeakable evils. Lost souls, tormenting his thoughts. He cannot speak. They roam the temple grounds in search of blood. This is worse than I remember. They lurk in shadows with disgraceful intentions. May I delight in your pathetic attempt to end my life? I hoped you would try to punish me, but I knew you would fall to my blade. I’ve offered my life to save this world. These trials will soon be through. I’m sent by fate to destroy your shameful lives. The hydra stares into my eyes. They shy away from foreseeable casualty. It shields the entrance of my final adversary. It circles the chamber with gnashing teeth. The beast desires his flesh. Its armor- forged with diamond. He steadies his blade. He prepares for the moment of truth. The heads lunge in his direction. They are beheaded. The giant serpent falls. With blazes, he scorches the remains. This lair contains a deity - His blood once coursed through my veins. I have the key to undo the destruction that devastates the lives who remain.
Track Name: A Remarkable Abomination
Spare the innocent from the pains of judgment. Engage me with fury on woeful battlegrounds. Pray I will not fail you tonight. Terror in the chamber of the damned. He struggles to survive, spewing bile - clinging onto precious life. Taking my last breath. Dying my last death. Abaddon tears through the ground with his bare hands. He throws my life away, and I fade into oblivion. I swear I will not let you down. He tries to take the key to his undoing. He reaches, desperate – yearning, but he cannot wield what doesn’t belong. Mutation of a hideous form. Growing arms shaped to impale. Awakened from my slumber, I take back what is mine. The angel of deceit transformed, but he knows not that I am restored. Call upon the elements and break this rebellion. Disrupt his cause. Berate his quest for glory. If I had known, I’d prevent this tragic story. Do my eyes deceive me? This, I had not expected. Dismember my remaining virtues. Deface the emblem of your sacred lineage. Drown in your sorrows that you earned at the dawn of time. Now I realize my gift. Use this new found power and brothers are equals. Destroyer, again be faced with mortality. He holds to the blade. His fears begin to fade. He cuts them away. His clout without dismay. The dark one enraged readies a horrible curse, and then came floods, to discourage our advances to victory. I fall back from this force of nature to counter the surge. Splinter shards will pierce infernal, unholy flesh. It reminds him of the shame he felt that day. Weakened by greatness. He strikes with the blade. A god will face the grave. He conquers the day. His brother has been slain. Dear brother, why has it come to this? Viela’s will be done. The ribbon is nevermore. This night marks the fall of Abaddon. May this evil be banished forever.